Police Officers Spotted Wearing Colin Kaepernick Socks

SANTA CLARA, CA – Most football fans and perhaps every American in general has an opinion on Colin Kaepernick’s decision to protest of the National Anthem. Some were offended and disgusted, and others were moved to stand with the quarterback. To some of the fence, the 49ers QB seemed to be swaying them towards his stance with the more context and explanation on why exactly he was doing it and how he didn’t intend to offend anyone in doing so.

That credibility took a big hit just a day later photos were released of Kaepernick wearing anti-police socks that featured pigs with police hats during a Niners practice.


Although Kaepernick once again tried to further explain himself in an Instagram post, may took exception, the most notable of which, the Santa Clara Police Department. The association released a statement describing their outrage at his actions during the anthem, his comments, and the choice of socks, threatening to not work 49ers home games, asking for an apology.


During an SCPD meeting, the officers got together to decide if they would go through with holding out on 49ers game in a protest of themselves, but came up with a better plan. The officers would wear Colin Kaepernick socks.

BLACK socks-1000x1000 copy

“I mean I think these showcase him perfectly,” SC Police Chief Thisis Satire stated. “If you can’t beat out Blaine Gabbert for a starting job, you’re trash. Garbage. The guy got traded away from the Jacksonville friggin Jaguars. When you are the bench warmer for a guy the Jaguars didn’t want, does it get any lower?”