Johnny Manziel Re-Enrolls At Texas A&M After NFL Career Goes Down The Drain

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After months of an attempt at an NFL comeback, Johnny Manziel has apparently found someone willing to take him in. Sort of.

Johnny Football is apparently back as a student at Texas A&M.

The former Brown’s QB (train wreck may be the more appropriate term) of two years, who’s technically still listed as an NFL free-agent, seems to have re-enrolled in classes for the 2016 Fall semester.

Via a search in the schools student directory, you can find Manziel’s name. He is listed as a recreation, parks & tourism sciences major, having already completed 90 credit hours before leaving school for the NFL.


It’s unlikely Manziel will play in the NFL this season, and even if a team brought him in to play, he would be suspended for four games for a violation of the NFL’s substance abuse policy.

Should Manziel sign with a team, he would be subject to additional punishment under the personal conduct policy, pending the outcome of the league’s investigation.

Manziel may have to miss an early class or two, as the 23-year-old must appear in a Dallas court for a domestic violence hearing on September 15th.

Tim Tebow playing baseball and Johnny Manziel going back to school to finish his degree…what in the world is going on in 2016.