49ers Match Kaepernick, Donate $1 Million To Charity To Help Those In Need


Much of the criticism of Colin Kaepernick for opting to sitting during the National Anthem behind it’s second-hand disrespect, was it’s relative inability to actually make change beyond bringing awareness.

The 49ers QB quickly changed that by pledging the first million dollars he makes this year, as well as donating all the profits he earned from his now #1 selling jersey in the NFL to charitable organizations aiding his cause.

The next to step up, his own team.


Thursday, the Niners reportedly pledged a million dollars of their own to two organizations that work with those in need and burdened by social and financial inequalities.

It’s nice to see active efforts being made to help a problem many agree currently exists in this country even if one my not agree with the method it was initiated by.