BREAKING: RGIII Retires After Just 1 Game With Browns: “Yeah, I’m Good Actually.”


BEREA, OH – Quarterback Robert Griffin III is looking to revive the career he never had in Cleveland this season with his new team, the Browns. (That sentence might as well contain unicorns and bigfoot)

In his first game, Griffin faced off against rookie QB Carson Wentz from North Dakota State, the Eagles #2 pick in this year’s draft.

It wasn’t the kid from a glorified community college who only played part of one preseason game who struggled though, it was RGIII. Not being able to find a rhythm, Griffin completed only 12 of 26 passes for 190 yards with an INT of course, finishing with a passer rating of 55.

But what would a Robert Griffin football game be without an injury. Griffin took a huge a big hit while colliding with Eagles cornerback Jalen Mills while running out of bounds as he ran out of bounds on a third down play. Griffin, who was forced to walk gingerly did manage to remain in for the rest of the game. It was reported soon after that Griffin had in fact sprained his shoulder on the play.

Postgame, Griffin was asked by the media whether or not he’d be good to go against the rival Baltimore Ravens next week, to which he responded, “Actually, I think my shoulder is broken. Badly. I think I may have broken both arms now that I think about it. Geez, maybe I should retire? My ACLs are feeling a bit weak now that I think about it.”

It seems as if Griffin may be limping off into the sunset.