High School Football Team Lets Other Team Win After Their Player Goes Down With Injury

WOODLANDS, TX – If you were ever wondering the definition of sportsmanship, there’s no need to break out a dictionary. Just watch this.

The Woodlands High School junior varsity team was looking for their first victory of the season vs Tompkins High School Thursday night.

Within a single point and about the score, the offense ran a play that you usually run when you have the game wrapped up.

With a score of 29-28, Woodlands came within yards of the end zone, but a Tompkins player was seriously injured on the play.


The injury was so serious, a helicopter had to be flown to the game and airlifted the player to a local hospital.

The competitive game up to that point now had a somber move.

On the next play, Woodlands opted to take a knee and end the game, handing the victory to Tompkins.

Woodlands coach David Colschen spoke to reporters on the moment after the game saying, “If we do go and try to win the game, do you really celebrate that.

“I went over to the coaches and said our kids don’t really feel like finishing the game. He said coach can I take a knee and I said coach that would be great. They came out and took a knee, a lot of class.” said Tony Tademy, Katy Tompkins varsity coach.

“It was a very teachable moment for both teams to remember the moment you take a stand for what’s greater for humanity not what the scoreboard says,” said Colschen.

The Woodlands players may have come up short on the scoreboard but they still felt like winners.

“I was actually the one who hit him so I felt pretty terrible I’m really glad he’s better now. I think we did the right thing in taking a knee and letting them win,” said Austin Brauweiler, The Woodlands receiver.

“There are more important things than winning a football game. I think we had a moral victory on the field that day and not a physical victory,” said Will Jentry, The Woodlands quarterback.