Eagles Fan ‘EDP’ Promised To “Get Naked On Camera” If The Eagles Beat The Steelers

maxresdefault-1EDP445‘, as he’s known by his YouTube, name is everyone’s favorite and least favorite Eagles fan.

Infamous for his obscene rants following anything and everything the Eagles do whether they win or lose, he should be quite pleased this season with Carson Wentz and the Eagles looking like one of the best teams in the NFL.

After Wentz and his team impressed last week on Monday night, EDP wasn’t too confident they could carry that over in this Sunday’s game vs the 2-0 Steelers. He sent out this tweet that Monday night…


Well, the Eagles not only beat the Steelers, they CRUSHED them 34-3, handing Pittsburgh their worst loss since 1997.

He released this video pregame:

Lord forgive what our eyes may be about to witness.