49ers Players Complain There Were More Cowboys Fans In San Francisco Than Their Own


If you were blind and listening to the 49ers vs Cowboys game Sunday, you’d think the Cowboys were playing a home game down in Dallas. That wasn’t the case.

Apparent by the the ‘Let’s Go Cowboys!” chants that took over the broadcast, the roaring cheers when the Cowboys scored, and even chants of ‘Zeeeek’ rained down on RB Ezekiel Elliott while he was departing the field, Cowboys fans practically took over Levi’s Stadium Sunday afternoon.

Here is a clip which captures the Cowboys chants in the background of the audio:

49ers players weren’t too happy about the feeling of an away game while being at home and was one of the major topics with the media postgame.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones even touched on the matter, saying, “I think it seemed like (the Cowboys fans) were vocal. It seemed like they were vocal.”

The Cowboys do have a vested interesting the California, holding their training camp in Oxnard, CA since 2001.

“We work hard to create a California interest in the Dallas Cowboys. That’s why we’ve been coming out here for almost 30 years to do our training and we have generations of fans that have been Cowboys supporters. I’m sure a lot of them were up here. I know a lot of them are in this area. But a lot of them were up here. But it doesn’t surprise me at all that we have a lot of California fan support.”

Cowboys lineman Zack Martin of the Cowboys fans, “We definitely noticed that today, especially at the end of the game there when their offense is on the field, the stadium was still very loud. We’ve got great fans and they travel well. It was great.”

49ers players and officials even noted that the tailgates were flooded with Cowboys fans and jerseys.

It may be something with these two teams, as last year when the two faced off in Arlington, TX, San Fran fans took over At&T Stadium with a sea of red:


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