Josh Norman On Julio Jones Torching Panthers For 300 Yards: “You Get What You Pay For, I’m Gonna Sip My Tea”


The Panthers seemed to have known something we didn’t this offseason when they let the best cornerback in the league last year walk.

Banking on that Norman was a ‘product of the system’ type player, the panthers refused to pay Norman the money he was asking, letting the Redskins swoop in and sign him.

Last season, Julio Jones was shut down by norman for 86 yards. This season, the Norman-less defense was torched by Jones, who finished with 12 receptions for 300 yards and one touchdown in the Falcons’ 48-33 victory. Jone’s yardage was the fifth highest by a WR in NFL history.

When asked about Jones’ performance after the Redskins’ 31-20 victory over the Browns, Norman smiled and provided yet another priceless quote.

When speaking on the Dan Le Batard Show on ESPN Radio Monday morning, Norman was asked the question again about what he thought of his former team and replacement getting torched, to which he replied with a simple yet harsh, “You get what you pay for.”