49ers Player Just Got Flagged & Fined $9k For Flexing His Muscles After A Play

screen-shot-2016-10-06-at-9-52-08-pm The NFL’s ratings are down this year, and the absurd emphasis on taunting and excessive celebration penalties may have something to do with that.

During the second quarter of the 49ers vs Cardinals TNF game, Niners RB Carlos Hyde caught a pass out of the backfield and ran for a first down. Upon being confronted by a group of Cardinals defenders, he flexed his muscles in their direction.

He was immediately flagged for taunting.

Good thing that referee flew in there and grabbed Hyde before he flexed too hard and injured someone’s feelings.

The NFL and it’s competition committee have put a greater emphasis on being the nazi rulers on taunting and excessive celebration calls, because there’s too much emotion in a game where grown men are killing each other over a football right?

The new rules have been so unreasonable that the league has had to send an informational video to each NFL team for their players to learn what they can and can’t do.

Some players are learning the hard way, with Josh Norman getting flagged last week for shooting a bow & arrow, and now apparently flexing is on that list. Also part of the new rules, if Hyde were to flex in direction of an Arizona player for the second time, he would be ejected.

The No Fun League’s ‘taunting’ penalty warrants a $9,115 fine, $12,154 for a second offense.