Majority Of The State Of Ohio Believes The Ohio State Buckeyes Could Beat The Cleveland Browns


Every election year, Public Policy Polling gives a survey to Ohio in which they are asked various questions regarding presidential candidates and the United States Government.

This year, the polling company decided to add a bonus question as well:

Could the Ohio State Buckeyes beat the Cleveland Browns?


And according to their results, 62 percent of Ohio voters believe the Buckeyes could defeat the Browns, despite the fact that Ohio State is a college and the Cleveland Browns are an NFL franchise.

Urban Meyer might be the next most popular person in the state, with 55% of voters seeing him favorably to 7% who have a negative opinion of him. He has another thing going for him too- 62% of voters in the state think Ohio State would win a football game against the Cleveland Browns, to only 23% who think the NFL team would prevail.

Being a Cleveland Browns has been awful for basically ever and this year is no different. The team is 0-4 after a loss to the Washington Redskins and are without a starting and backup quarterback. To make matters worse, they will host the New England Patriots this week, who will have a returning Tom Brady at the helm.

Meanwhile, the Ohio State Buckeyes are 4-0 and are red hot under Urban Meyer. They won the 2014 National Championship and are a powerhouse in college football. Is it silly to think the Buckeyes could defeat the Browns? Let us know with a comment at the bottom.