Browns WR Andrew Hawkins Says He Cries Before Every Game


Cleveland Browns wide receiver Andrew Hawkins recently disclosed to The Players Tribune that he cries before every game.

And no, it’s not because he plays for the Cleveland Browns.

In part one of a two-part series, Hawkins opens up about his journey to the NFL, a wide receiver who was considered too small to play in the league, admitted that he sheds a couple of tears before every game.

Here’s an exert from the Players Tribune piece:

I cry before every game. It’s so bad sometimes I need smelling salts and a towel just to regroup and go out and play — I get that emotional. My teammates are always clowning, “You know Hawk, Hawk’s always crying,” but if God brought you through what I’d been through, you’d get emotional, too. My whole journey replays in my mind every time I put those pads on. I don’t take one second for granted.

Wow, that was powerful.

It has not been an easy road for Hawkins, who, at point even had to go on a reality show to just to earn a right to try out for an NFL team, but here he is, play wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns.