Statistic Shows Johnny Manziel Has Been A Better QB Than Aaron Rodgers Has Since Last Year


It doesn’t take a Packers fan to know Aaron Rogers has been bad this season. But you may be surprised just how bad.

Statistically speaking, Aaron Rodgers has been the worst quarterback in the NFL this season. The worst. No, that stat does not exclude the Browns’s quarterbacks.

Though five games this season, the Packers QB is barely reaching a 60% completion percentage, averaging the lowest yards per completion of his career, and already has four interceptions.


A statistic shown on ESPN’s First Take this morning shows just how bad he’s been, with numbers comparable to Johnny Manziel, who’s currently jobless and out of football (and probably drunk at this very moment). Ironically enough, before Week 3 of this season, Rodgers hadn’t had a game with a passer rating over 100 since Johnny Manziel was still in the league.


Safe to say Aaron Rodger’s brother is having a better 2016 than he is thus far.