Torrey Smith Calls Out The NFL And Josh Brown On Twitter


Many people around the NFL are frustrated with the NFL with the way they handled the situation involving Giants K Josh Brown.

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Torrey Smith is one of those people and he took to Twitter to voice his displeasure.


Torrey Smith, who was teammates with former Ravens running back Ray Rice, was asked by a Twitter user who completely missed Smith’s point about Rice, and Smith responded:

It’s very clear that the NFL really doesn’t know what it’s doing. They will go to any lengths to make sure Tom Brady is suspended for 4 games for the bogus “Deflate Gate” saga because they “suspected” that Brady was involved without any hard evidence.

This year, they’ve put an emphasis on Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties, fining players for stuff that really isn’t unsportsmanlike. Look no further than Brown’s team.

The NFL fined Odell Beckham Jr. roughly $25,000 for taking his helmet off after Beckham scored the game winning 66-yard TD vs Ravens. On the same day, the NFL placed Josh Brown, an admitted domestic abuser on the Commissioner Exempt List, guaranteeing him his salary for the remainder of his season as the NFL continues to to clean up after yet another disaster of investigation into Domestic Violence.

Hard not to understand the players’ anger when it comes to the league and their inconsistencies when they claim their goal is to be as consistent as possible.