Michael Crabtree Got Hit With The Weakest Penalty Of The Season Yesterday

The National Football League, America’s leading telecast of entertainment, is trying to wipe the entertainment out of their sport.

After players have been slapped with 15 yards and a fine this season for shooting an imaginary bow & arrow, shooting a football like a basketball, and throwing the ball too hard at the ground after a play, Michael Crabtree is the No Fun League’s latest victim.

After scoring a last second touchdown just before the half, the Radiers WR was hit for excessive celebration for well, we didn’t see anything. You decide…

It was explained by the ref that the penalty was in fact unsportsmanlike conduct assessed for the “throat slash” gesture which is not allowed, but well, never happened.

Ah, the NFL, expecting players to violently fight though 11 grown men and then once you reach the pinnacle of the game that is scoring a touchdown, act like you just chipped in a put for par at The Masters.

(h/t Barstool Sports)