Richard Sherman Responds To Apology Dan Carpenter’s Wife Gave Over Controversial Tweet


During last Monday’s night’s Buffalo Bills-Seattle Seahawks game, Richard Sherman was involved in a controversial play involving himself and Bills kicker Dan Carpenter.

During a field goal attempt before the end of the first half, Sherman jumped off sides in an attempt to block the field goal attempt, he ended up running into Carpenter.  The only penalty that was called was the five-yard off sides, not the 15-yard roughing the kicker.

Many have debated whether Sherman got away with one or not but one person that wasn’t a fan of the play was the Buffalo Bills kicker’s wife Kaela Carpenter who thought she was funny to tweet something like this:



The tweet came off offensive and racist.  Many people took to twitter to express their displeasure with Kaela’s tweet so eventually she ended up deleting the tweet and apologizing:

The Seahawks cornerback was asked about the apology and he shared his thoughts:

Social media isn’t really for everyone.