Mike Evans Sat During National Anthem Today To Protest Donald Trump Being Elected President


Though the once firestorm of NFL players sitting during the National Anthem has summed, there are still players doing so, but not for the same reasons.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide Receiver Mike Evens sat during the National Anthem today in protest of Donald Trump being elected president of the Untied States last week.

It’s because Donald Trump was elected president. “I said this a long time ago. When he ran, I thought it was a joke. [I’ll sit] As long as he’s still president elect.”

Mirroring the situation with Colin Kaepernick, Mike Evans too didn’t vote in this year’s election.

On Tuesday, as the nation waited for election results between Trump and Hillary Clinton, fellow Bucs receiver Louis Murphy posted a question on Instagram: “Who voted? Who didn’t?” and then a comment: “Did you #vote?” Evans, using his official account that has 277,000 followers, posted a comment saying “No” in response.


(h/t Tampa Bay Times)