HS Football Team Protests Against National Anthem Protests With Awesome Show Of Patriotism

We’ve seen numerous variations of the protests initiated by 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick throughout the sports world. Now, we have a protest of the protest.

Via WNC Action News 5 –

MIDLAND, TX (KCBD) – In a politically charged week, it was a simple act of unity that garnered plenty of attention in one West Texas town.

The Greenwood High School football team in Midland, TX, charged the field Friday night — each player holding a flag in solidarity.


Rangers head coach Chad Hanna spoke with KCBD about the pregame display.

Hanna said it’s something his team has been doing since the middle of the season, after one of his players suggested the idea.

“We are a community here,” said Hanna. “This was a great way to show our support for our country, for the men that have made the sacrifice serving that flag.”

While the team had done it in previous games, the playoff atmosphere on Veterans Day gave it a little more meaning.

“They were excited,” said Hanna. “It was an awesome sight. Just spectacular.”

In the end Greenwood lost its first-round playoff game to Bushland 49-42, but coach Hanna is nonetheless proud of the gesture’s impact.

“The great thing that has come from this is the amount of support we have gotten from our community and by so many that have seen the video.”