REPORT: Tony Romo Breaks Collarbone Carrying Water To Dak Prescott On Sideline


ARLINGTON, TX – Tony Romo walked onto the field today ruled ‘active’ for the first time in 360 days. “Active”, that is, in fetching water for the guys who actually need it (see Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott).

Around the 7 minute mark into the third quarter, Romo dropped the clipboard to help out Prescott, heading over to the coolers to get some water. Onlookers say Romo kept filing cup after cup, then when attempting to carry them over to Prescott and every member of the offensive line coming off the field, tripped over the clipboard, falling awkwardly to the turf. Laying in agony, Tony allegedly immediatley grabbed his shoulder, with teammates rushing over fearing the worst.

Romo was taken back to the locker room by the training staff, gaining more yardage on the journey than he has all season. Cowboys officials soon after confirmed that he did in fact break his collarbone for the 47th time.

Though his day was cut short, Romo still finished the day with a fairly impressive stat sheet, racking up 61 claps, 12 butt pats, and 3 trips to the water cooler. Not too shabby of a day for his 3 fantasy owners.