Mexican Cartel Releases Families Of The Refs From Last Night’s Game After Receiving Payment From Raiders


MEXICO CITY, MX – As of 11:43 AM, Mexico City Authorities are reporting the families of the seven referees from Monday night’s football game have been released safely and as in custody of US customs.

The families, which included 23 people in total, were reportedly kidnapped and held up by members of the Mexican Cartel. There is no conclusion on if the cartel was paid off by members of the Raiders organization or if the members themselves were Raiders fans.

The kidnappers reportedly came to the Hyatt Regency in Mexico City where the officials and their families were staying, and took them them for ransom Monday morning.

A note read:

“Golpea el juego y nadie apuesta”

Blow the game and nobody gets hurt.

The game itself featured numerous blown calls in crucial moments of the game, three in particular, so obvious that police and the FBI watching the game were able to make the connection.


The NFL has no yet commented on the situation.