Josh Norman Responds To Dez Bryant’s Trash Talk After Their Thanksgiving Showdown


Josh Norman is paying no mind to all the trash talk Dez Bryant has shot his way following their Thanksgiving showdown in Dallas last Thursday.

The way Josh Norman sees it is letting his play do all the talking for him.

In a one-on-one conversation with NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Norman said he doesn’t care about what Dez said about him because Norman dominated Dez on the football field.


“It just baffles me that we’re going back and forth, I don’t know if there really is anything to say. What am I going to go back and forth for? It’s not a battle. It’s not a competition when the other person don’t show up.”

Dez Bryant said after the game that he would spend the whole week exposing how Josh Norman can’t cover him. Among other things, Bryant told reporters that Washington should get their money back after they made Norman the highest paid cornerback in the NFL during last off season.

Norman also took mentioned his other nemesis in the NFC East, Odell Beckham Jr saying that he cherishes battles against Giants wide receiver, “It’s not like with the guy from up in N.Y,” insinuating that it’s not a battle when the same person wins all the time.

You can read the full transcript from their interview here.