Titans Give Guard Chance Warmack A $50 Bonus For Losing 1 Pound On Thanksgiving


NFL offensive lineman likely eat more food in a few days than any average joe eats in a week, and when it comes to Thanksgiving, you know they’ll be pigging out.

That wasn’t the case for one lineman though, and Tennessee Titans guard Chance Warmack was offered a a $50 bonus by the team to lose a single pound on turkey day.

Via Pro Football Talk


Warmack got the bonus for weighing in at 326 pounds on Friday morning, after he had weighed 327 pounds on Thursday morning. Titans coach Mike Mularkey asked players not to go crazy at the Thanksgiving table, and Warmack followed instructions.

John Glennon of the Tennessean reports that Warmack disrobed for the weigh-in in front of the team, not wanting the weight of his clothing to throw off the results.

Of course, Warmack is in the third year of a four-year, $12.2 million guaranteed contract with the Titans, so a $50 bonus doesn’t mean a whole lot to him. But he did get publicly lauded by Mularkey.

Warmack also admitted that he has some Thanksgiving leftovers at home. He may weigh more than 327 before the weekend is over.