Refs Miss Crucial Call On Final Play Of Game, Bradford Not Awarded ‘Hands To The Face’ Call

What would a primetime NFL game be without a little controversy from the refs.

On the final offensive play of the Cowboys/Vikings TNF game, Vikings QB Sam Bradford thew a wild incomplete pass out of the back of the end zone during a 2-point conversion try that should have been replayed due to a penalty that went uncalled.

Bradford was nailed in the facemask by a Cowboys defense lineman on a blitz, an obvious ‘illegal hands to the face’ penalty.

Per NFL rule, the Vikings should have been award 10 yards awarded and a replay of down, giving Minnesota one more shot at the conversion try and a tie at the end of regulation.

Failing to recover the ensuing on-side kick, the Vikings lost 15-17 to Dallas, moving to 6-6.