Did Derek Carr’s Strange Incomplete Pass To Amari Cooper Hit An NBC Camera Wire?


A strange moment occurred last night when a quarterback who throws one of the league’s tightest spirals went deep to one of the league best pass catchers, only for the pass to fall to awkwardly fall to the ground.

What seemed to be a sure touchdown while the ball was in the air, suddenly left viewers dumbfounded when it fell aside Cooper, who was tracking it the entire way.

Conspirators are now claiming the ball might have clipped a wire that suspends over the field for NBC’s Skycam to travel on. NBC denies such claims.



Here’s a high definition, slow motion view of the play. The ball does appear to have it’s flight patch altered at the peak of the arc. You be the judge:


Not only was it the most memorable play from the game, it may have been the most important. If Cooper had caught the pass and scored, the Raiders could have tied the game with an extra point or gone up by one with a 2-point conversion. Oakland never scored again.