Cowboys Reportedly Upset With Giants’ Use Of Unregulated Radios, Expect NFL To Launch Investigation

The New York Giants had technical difficulties with the headset inside quarterback Eli Manning’s helmet during the second half of Sunday night’s win over the Cowboys. During the course of the game, his in-helmet communication with the coaching staff was broken, forcing Manning to use a backup helmet along with head coach Ben McAdoo using a handheld walkie-talkie to signal in the plays.

However, with the 10-7 win over Dallas, the Cowboys are reportedly upset with the use of the unregulated secondary system, according to Troy Hughes of 105.3 The Fan in Dallas. Hughes tweeted out a photo showing McAdoo on the handheld radio and also alluded to the possibility of an NFL investigation.

Then, fellow 105.3 The Fan personality and Dallas Cowboys beat writer/columnist for confirmed Hughes’ report and further reiterated that the Cowboys were aware of the issue and troubled by it. Meaning it’s likely they’ll press the NFL for an investigation.

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