Tattoo Parlors In San Diego Offering Hilarious Charger Tattoo Cover-Ups

Though some fans drove to the Chargers practice facility to rid themselves free of their old Chargers gear once the team announced it was moving to Los Angeles, tattoos are a little harder to get rid of.

On in particular, San Diego resident Alonso Rodriguez, is going to the length of having his large Charger tattoos removed. “It feels like a complete slap in the face. Los Angeles has enough teams already.”

Rodriguez went to the Concrete Jungle Tattoo parlor in Chula Vista with a friend and had two large Chargers bolts tattoos inked into his skin in 2004 when he was age 18 – one on each shoulder, much like the bolts on the sleeves of a typical Chargers jersey.


Starting Saturday, Rodriguez said he will begin the long process of removing his bolt tattoos from his shoulders. A team at a tattoo shop in San Diego’s College Area will tackle the task, which will take 12 sessions to complete and cost Rodriguez $2,000.

Tattoo parlors in the city have even began offering cover-ups for those wishing to hide their tattoo, and the options they have are ‘out there’.