Cris Carter Insists The Cowboys Should Trade Tony Romo For JJ Watt

In all likelihood, Tony Romo won’t be on the Cowboys next season meaning the Cowboys will try to trade for their veteran QB no longer needed in Dallas.

Admits all the allegations of Romo wanting to go to Denver, former NFL great Cris Carter insists the Cowboys should trade Romo for arguably the best defensive player in the NFL, JJ Watt.

On paper, trading an injury prone 35-year-old QB in the final years of his career for a 27-year-old megastar and your franchise’s most important player in it’s history sounds idiotic, but considering the Texans have essentially proved they are all but one piece away at quarterback from making a Super Bowl run, the notion isn’t as silly as it first may seem.


The argument is also held up by the Texans defense being the best in the league despite Watt’s absence. The Texans lost to the Patriots in the divisional round of the playoffs this season, a game which was winnable had it not been for the mistakes of current Texans QB Brock Osweiler under center.

All in all, the trade may never happen, but both teams have proven they can play without their stars that both teams would greatly benefit from exchanging.