Guys Show Up To Women’s Marches Today With Completely Irrelevant Sports Signs


Hundreds of thousands of women gathered across the country Saturday for what was called the ‘Women’s March’ as a response to the alleged sexist nature of the Unites States, fueled by the inauguration of Donald Trump as president.

The peaceful protest could be seen in Washington, Chicago, Baltimore, Asheville, Manhattan, and Los Angeles, with most patrons holding signs. Among the women, there were some men, and of course with men being men, held up some entirely irrelevant signs pertaining to sports.

‘The Cowboys blew a 13-3 regular season lead’
'Notre Dame went 4-8 this year'
‘Notre Dame went 4-8 this year’
'Is Joe Flacco an elite QB???'
‘Is Joe Flacco an elite QB???’

Even some women hopped in on the action…16265234_1261423037287408_7963942808098077968_n