According To Crazy Statistic, Patriots Have A 92% Chance Of Winning Super Bowl 51


The Atlanta Falcons made their decision to wear their home red jerseys for Super Bowl 51, and if history is any indication of what’s to come, they’ve already lost.

Opposite to the Falcons, the Patriots will wear their white jersey for the big game on February 5th. Why is this relevant? Teams wearing white jerseys have won 11 of the last 12 Super Bowls. A whopping 91.666% percent.

According to the NFL, the “home” team in the Super Bowl alternates between the AFC and NFC each year. This year, the mostly symbolic distinction went to the Falcons, who had first choice of uniform top.

Because I know it’s killing you, the last time a conference champion wore white and lost was 2011, when the Steelers donned their road jerseys and got popped by the Packers in Super Bowl XLV.

The Falcons wore their black jerseys in their only other Super Bowl appearance — a blowout loss to the Broncos. That’s not an option here as the team discontinued those kits in 2002. This would need to be a longform blog post to break down all the jersey combinations the Patriots have worn in Super Bowls, but just know New England is 2-1 when dressed in white for the big game.

One color we saw once for the Pats and will almost certainly never see again? The red hoodie Belichick inexplicably wore on the sideline when the 18-0 Patriots fell to the Giants in Super Bowl XLII. If I’m the Falcons, I’d spend the next two weeks trying to dig that sucker up.