Georgia Veterinary Hospital Trolls Tom Brady Ahead Of Super Bowl 51

Not surprisingly, the people of Savannah, Georgia are rooting for the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI when they kick it off against Tom Brady’s Patriots.

Though the controversial ‘deflate-gate’ saga took place years ago, the finality of it came to an end just a few months ago when Brady finished serving his four-game suspension.

Falcons fans, and this veterinarian in particular aren’t letting him forget it. Case Veterinary Hospital is proudly displaying a clever sign poking fun at the situation along with advertising their business.



“We are aware that this is a little crude,” the veterinary hospital said on its Facebook page. “However what better way is there to show support for the Atlanta Falcons AND promote neutering (and spaying) your pets?!”

Dr. Carla Case McCorvey, who owns the facility, said that she wasn’t sure she liked the sign when she first saw it, but her employees convinced her to keep it up.

“I think everybody here is an Atlanta Falcons fan, well, not everybody,” she told local station WTGS. “We’ve gotten some kind of tongue-in-cheek clients that have said, ‘Hey, I’m a Patriots fan,’ and we say, ‘Nobody’s perfect.’”

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