What In The World: New Sport Is Called ‘Taser Soccer’

Though it’s unclear what drugs the person whomever invented this game was on during it’s conception, it’s apparently a thing.

The sport which is a spin off of soccer where each player is armed with a taser looks royally painful, but talk about incentive to perform.

According to the sport’s Wikipedia page –


“The sport, invented under the original name of Ultimate Tazer Ball by Leif Kellenberger, Eric Prum and Erik Wunsch,[1] was first played in California.[2] Two teams compete to get a large (24-inch diameter) ball into goal at either end of the 200 x 85-foot field.[3] Players on both teams are all armed with stun gun devices. Under the rules of the game players are allowed to use the stun guns on opposing players who are in possession of the ball.[4] The devices used emit a current of three to five milliamps, sufficient to cause a localized muscle spasm but no permanent damage to any of the body’s vital organs.”