Both Adrian Peterson & DeMarcus Ware Could Be Headed To The Dallas Cowboys Next Season


The Cowboys are a legitimate front-runner for getting to Super Bowl LII next season, and with a group of young rookies leading the way, Dallas could add two seasoned veterans into the mix to solidify their star-studded roster.

According to Adam Schefter, the Cowboys could be a potential landing spot for Peterson if he doesn’t remain with the Minnesota Vikings next season (ESPN).

Peterson has recently publically expressed three teams the Dallas native is considering if he were to leave Minnesota, including the New York Giants, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, or Houston Texans. It now it appears we can add Dallas to that list.

Another veteran who’s spent the majority of his Hall of Fame career with the Cowboys may be looking to end it in Dallas as well.

Schefter noted that Demarcus Ware is leaving the door open to play next season as a Cowboys, where he spent the first nine seasons of his standout career.

The emergence of running back Ezekiel Elliott may be a road block in Peterson decision to choose Dallas, as Elliott is an every-down back.

Only time will tell…