REPORT: Aaron Hernandez Says He Too Will Skip Out On Patriots White House Visit


SHIRLEY, MA – With Donald Trump along with his many heavily criticized views, policies and stigmas, many wondered if there would be any drama regarding the first professional sports team, the winner of the Super Bowl, that would visit him in office as part of tradition. That drama has come to fruition.

Just four days after Super Bowl LI came to its conclussion, six Patriots players have already pulled out of the visit before even being invited. That number just moved to seven.

Per Patriots reporter Mike Reiss, Aaron Hernandez has reportedly made the decision to skip out on the visit as well. The once killer New England tight end is currently serving a life sentence at Souza-Baranowski Correctional Center 40 miles outside downtown Boston for the murder of three people.


“You do realize you can’t go regardless,” Reiss told Hernandez during a cell visit.

“Yeah, but I just don’t feel welcome there, said Hernandez. “I’ve decided to turn down the invitation.”

Reiss: “You aren’t even on the team Aaron anymore.”

Hernandez: “Oh.. [silence] well nobody told me.”

Hernandez added, “Well, if that’s the case, you kinda have a point there. I’d kill to be back out there with my guys though, if only the judge would give me a shot. I gave so many people shots, some to the chest, some in the head, you’d think they’d give me some in return.

“Tell my dawg Hillary to send over that Pardon.”

Reiss: Trump won Arron…Trump is the president.”

Hernandez: “HOLD UP, [pause] …and I thought the Falcons blew a big lead. Damn.”

“Just tell them I can’t make it…obvious reasons.”