NFL Changes Celebration Rules, Now Will Allow Group Celebrations & Using The Ball As A Prop

Tony Tribble, Associated Press

After a period of time where the NFL went from standing for ‘National Football League’ to ‘No Fun League’, players will now be able to celebrate their touchdowns once more.

According to USA Today, commissioner Roger Goodell will to tell the league’s owners during meetings this week that group celebrations, using the ball as a prop after touchdowns, going to the ground, and snow angels are all now allowed.

Players like WR Wes Welker and TE Vernon Davis were penalized and fined in previous years for making a snow angel and shooting the football like a basketball over the goalpost following touchdowns.

Unfortunately, not everything is back on the table. Exceptions like twerking made infamous by Steelers WR Antonio Brown and shooting a bow & arrow, done by Josh Norman last season, are still punishable in game with a flag and post game via a fine.

(Sporting News)