Odell Beckham Jr. Just Signed The Most Lucrative Shoe Deal For An NFL Player With Nike

Odell Beckham Jr made history on Tuesday, signing the most lucrative shoe deal with Nike for an NFL player.

According to Nike DePaula of Nice Kicks:

In a monumental brand decision that came down to the final hour of the “match clause” window, Nike has opted to fully match Adidas’ endorsement deal offer to NFL star Odell Beckham Jr., keeping the Giants wide receiver and style icon with the Swoosh for at least the next five years, industry sources tell Nice Kicks.
After Beckham Jr.’s initial Nike endorsement deal was set to expire earlier this month on May 1st, he and his agent Zeke Sandhu met with both brands to hear pitches and new offers on a long-term partnership. While a signature cleat wasn’t a requirement in talks, according to multiple brand sources, there was a desire to be a “brand icon” on Beckham’s part. He was, rightfully, looking to be featured beyond just Football and Training category activation’s and campaigns, and incorporated into global brand marketing for lifestyle products and running campaigns as well.
Much like restricted free agency in pro sports, during negotiations, all along Nike reserved the right to a “match clause,” allowing them to fully match any agreed upon term sheet from a competitor and retain Beckham Jr.
That 10-day match window ended today — with Nike exercising its right to match. The deal is believed to be worth more than $25 Million over the 5-year length, with additional incentives that could add another million to each year of the deal.

Not only has Odell Beckham Jr. lavished on the field, but the 24-year old super star wide receiver has become one of the more lavishing figures off the field, transcending his brand as an influence in both sneaker culture and fashion.

Here are some the cleats he’s worn on the field:

When it comes to his football incentives, the New York Giants picked up the receiver’s fifth-year player option which will set to pay Odell more than $8 million dollars. All this is leading up the mega contract the Giants star will eventually sign in the years to come.

Going forward, expect to see Odell Beckham Jr. continue to be a marquee feature athlete in all Nike brand activities, as he continues to influence culture on and off the field.