Oklahoma City Thunder’s Andre Roberson Rips Bartender Who Called Him Out For Leaving Bad Tip At Bar

Earlier this week, the Oklahoma City Thunder resigned SG Andre Roberson to a 3-year, $30 million contract.

To celebrate this new extension, Roberson went out with some friends for some adult beverages.

Nothing wrong with that?   Well, yeah, until you see the tip he left:


Roberson has been getting some heat from the media and even some of his teammates for giving a tip that comes out to less than three percent:

But Roberson had it enough, coming to his own defense on Twitter:

So as it turns out, the initial bill was for one bottle that happened to have been overpriced and Roberson has just tipped $200 on a $100 tab that he had just closed out.

How about that bartender making a Twitter account for the sole purpose of calling Roberson out?

So in the end, Roberson isn’t really as bad of a tipper as he is a free throw shooter.