Le’Veon Bell Gave A Hilarious Answer To What He’d Do If A Naked Woman Rang Doorbell On Family Fued

Le’Veon Bell is known for his patience on the football field as an All-Pro running back. But as a member of the All-Stars in ABC’s Celebrity Family Feud, it was Bell’s quickness that led to arguably the most hilarious moment of Sunday night’s show.

The moment came when host Steve Harvey asked Bell and Marshall Faulk (playing for team Gridiron Legends) asked ‘What would you do if you were home alone, the doorbell rings, and the lady at the door was naked?’

Host Steve Harvey posed the question:

We asked 100 married men. You’re home alone, the doorbell rings. It’s a naked lady. What do you do?

To which Bell replied

Get her number!

An answer that left a laughing Harvey somewhat confused.

She there . . . She there. Ask her for her phone number? She’s already naked! She’s at the door! And your ass needs her number! Come on Le’Veon.

What comes as not a shock, none of the people surveyed had the same response as Bell. His team would go on to lose the game and it was the group of former players who would ultimately win the money for their charity on the night.

Steelers fans are hoping for better answers from Bell in the coming week as the deadline for signing a long term contract extension looms.