Ray Lewis Says The Ravens Didn’t Sign Colin Kaepernick Because His Girlfriend Called Him An “Uncle Tom” On Twitter

The NFL season is set to kickoff in 24 hours and Colin Kaepernick remains a free agent.

But earlier during training camp, the Baltimore Ravens were rumored to be a team that would sign QB Colin Kaepernick after Joe Flacco’s injury seemed to be something that would drag out throughout the preseason.  And it did.

Former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis claimed to have candid conversations with Colin Kaepernick, who promised him that he was done with the National Anthem protests.


Ray Lewis, then discussed Kaepernick on various sports shows and sent out a personal video to him to keep his social activism quiet.  That was enough for Kaepernick’s girlfriend, Nessa, to take to Twitter and post a controversial photo with an image of Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson from the move “Django Unchanined” at the top, and an image of Ray Lewis and Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti at the bottom:

For that reason alone, Lewis claims the Ravens didn’t sign Kaepernick.

Such an odd claim by Ray Lewis.