Angry Giants Fans Yell At Wrong Brandon Marshall On Twitter, He Hilariously Plays Along

Giants fans weren’t too please with the performance of their hyped offseason acquisition Brandon Marshall Monday night after the veteran dropped numerous passes including a crucial one late in the game.

Taking to Twitter, angry fans ripped the WR. Only problem? That were ripping the wrong Brandon Marshall.

In a case of mistaken identity, Brandon Marshall (linebacker for the Broncos) had his phone blow up with a slew angry tweets, to which he hilariously played along with.


The mix up has actually happened previously the other way around, with angry fans tweeting at Brandon Marshall, the WR, after Brandon Marshall, the LB, took a knee during the National Anthem last season.

Marshall, WR for the Giants was then ripped by fans and even an ESPN Radio show for being on Twitter conversing with fans shortly after a loss.