New Footage Is Heavily Edited Implying Michael Bennett Lied About Being Racial Profiled As Cause For Arrest

Seahawks star defensive lineman Michael Bennett was arrested outside a Las Vegas nightclub on Aug. 26 to which he claimed was motived by the color of his skin.

Las Vegas Metro Police Dept. responded by saying the arrest was justified and there was no such racial profiling from their officers, and it now appears new body camera footage proves it.



Seen in the video are police doing a sweep of the hotel/casino after gunshots where fired. While the patrons in the casino remained relatively still, cops noticed Bennett as he was the only one running in the sight of the officers.

Police also noted Bennett failed to stay put after being ordered to do so following being seen fleeing the scene.

The audio from the body camera footage picks up the officer explaining to Bennett the reason he was being detained, which matches LVPD’s original accounts.

Bennett was released from custody shortly after he was cleared of wrongdoing and identified via a requested Google search.

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