Today Is Only The 17th Time In History All Four Major Sports Are In Action On The Same Day

Welcome to the best sports day of the year, the sports equinox.

Today, October 19th, 2017, will be a sports day for the ages, only the 17th time in history all four major American professional sports are in action via at least one game on the same day.

There is a Thursday Night Football NFL game featuring the Raiders and Chiefs, three NBA games, an MLB playoff (elimination) game featuring the Dodgers and Cubs, as well as nine NHL games.


There are even two college football games for heaven’s sake.

Here are the last 16 times it happened:

The sport have aligned due to multiple circumstances in the different league’s scheduling, including MLB playing their playoffs later in the year now, as well as the NBA now playing games earlier in the year, a product of the league’s rescheduling to avoid back to back games.


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