Tulsa Gets Called For Perhaps The Worst Penalty In College Football History, Costs Them Game

Tulsa beat SMU today, but it won’t show up like that in the box score thanks to in large part to the worst penalty in college football and one ref dead set on enforcing it.

During the third quarter, Tulsa receiver Justin Hobbs caught a pass and eluded two tacklers in route to a Mustangs touchdown. That touchdown was called back though, because Hobbs celebrated by high stepping for a split second before crossing the goal line.

Not only was the touchdown negated, but Hobbs flagged for a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The drive eventually ended with a 49-yard field goal by Redford Jones, taking four points on the board.


Tulsa went on to lose the game by 4 points, 38-34.

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