Giants Fan Spits On Cop, Tumbles Over Railing Onto Field & Gets Tased During 49ers Game

This was likely the most fun had by anyone wearing a Giants Sunday.

During the Giants loss against the 49ers in Santa Clara, a pair of Giants fans were reported for being belligerent, cussing and giving the bird to their own team, but ironically and not surpassingly.

After wrestling with an officer, one of the two tumbled over the railing onto the field, getting tased in the process of being detained.


“He kept cussing so they tried throwing him out of the stadium. He resisted and stayed in his seat. They tried to carry him out, but he was fighting back and heckling and even tried to spit on the officer,” one witness told

Apparently anyone wearing a Giants jersey gets tackled before they can get far…

(h/t Deadspin)

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