Jerry Jones To Goodell: “Gonna Came After You With Everything…Kraft Is A P-ssy Compared To Me”

The Jerry Jones/Roger Goodell feud is as heated as it gets, and it this doesn’t prove it, there may be nothing that will.

The bad blood began when an investigation into Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott and a domestic violence case from college while he attended Ohio State University.

According to Chat Sports,  In May, Jones asked Goodell by phone for a status update on the investigation. Jones later told several people that he came away from their conversation with an assurance that there would be no suspension for Elliott and that Goodell felt the running back should enter counseling and perhaps issue a statement showing contrition for his behavior. Jones replied that Elliott wouldn’t be contrite about domestic violence because he hadn’t committed it. “[Jones] told me, ‘Roger told me there was nothing to worry about — the evidence just isn’t there,'” says a high-level source briefed on the call. “Jerry … was damn sure that Zeke was free and clear.”


A short time later, the commissioner suspended Elliott for six games, despite being found innocent in a court of law.

According to ESPN’s Van Natta, Jones had some heated words for Goodell after being informed Elliot was suspended, saying,  “I’m gonna come after you with everything I have. If you think Bob Kraft came after you hard (in reference to deflate-gate), Bob Kraft is a pussy compared to what I’m going to do.”

Jones continued t flex his muscles, with a senior league executive saying that Jerry’s message to Roger was ‘I run this league. You better get with it.’

The dispute has continued into Roger Goodell’s contract extension, with the Cowboys owner blocking his next contract, which reportedly is set to include a $50 million per year paycheck as well as health care and a private jet for him and his family for life.

Goodell has since field a cease and desist to Jones, citing ‘conduct detrimental to the league’.

Though numerous owners included Dan Snyder of the Redskins are on Jones’ side, owners are reportedly threatening to take action against Jerry, even the team away if his behavior continues.

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