Josh Gordon Says He Chugged Alcohol Before Games To See How Well He Could Play Drunk

Cleveland Browns Josh Gordon sat down for an interview with Sports Illustrated to come clean about his past, and the details are astonishing.

The WR, who will play for the first time in over a year Sunday against the Chargers, revealed his criminal-ridden past, describing gang-banging, drug-dealing, carjacking and armed robberies, all of which Gordon regularly took part in.

Beyond Gordon opening up about the massive amounts of marijuana he sold during his time at Baylor, he also noted the volume of alcohol he took in, drinking from Minute Maid bottles full of straight-up vodka during classes, as well as drinking codeine syrup mixed with soda, dubbed “lean”, every night.


Gordon even went as far as to chug Mad Dog 20-20, a high alcohol-volume wine before games as a Bear to see how well he could play intoxicated.

As a Cleveland Brown, there’s a reason for drinking before games. If you’re drinking before game at Baylor, you know you have a problem.

You can read the full extent of the interview here.

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