Nick Saban Came In 3rd Place In Alabama Senate Election With Over 20k Write-In Votes

The results of the 2017 United States Senate Special Election In Alabama were surprising. Even more surprising is who came in third – the head coach for the local college football team.

Nick Saban, head coach for the University of Alabama football team received 20,500 write-in votes for the election to replace Attorney General Jeff Sessions, yes, even despite losing the Iron Bowl.

Some Alabama residents were so admit about nominating him, they even paid for and ran ads to inform others how to write in Saban as their vote.


One voter passionately proclaimed his vote for Saban at the booths on MSNBC. Thought to be crazy at the time, he was joined by about 20,499 others.

The propaganda clearly caught on, as Saban received more votes than the margin of victory between Ray Moore and Doug Jones (9k).

Perhaps the most Alabama thing to ever happen.