Vikings’ Anthony Barr Shares Hate Mail He Received From A Packers Fan Who Wished Death On Him

Back in October, Vikings linebacker Anthony Barr became public enemy No. 1 after his hit on QB Aaron Rodgers turned the Green Bay Packers season upside down.

Barr wasn’t fined for the hit, nor was he penalized but felt the need to defend himself after many including Rodgers were questioning the hit that sidelined the Packers QB for two months:

“After the play I go back to the huddle, don’t even look or say a word to him,” Barr wrote. “Once he gets up I’m waiting for the play call, and hear someone shouting all kinds of profanities. I look over and it’s [Rodgers] calling me all kinds of names, F you this F you that as he’s walking off the field. So naturally I responded. I don’t care if you Aaron Rodgers or Mr. Rodgers, if you say something like that you’re gonna get a response from me.”

Despite Rodgers being cleared medically and set to make his return on Sunday vs Carolina Panthers, Barr is still reminded by Packers fans about how much they despise him.


One Packers fan took that hatred, put it in a letter, and sent it to Barr.

Barr recently shared this hateful letter that was sent to him by a Packers fan who wished not only Barr would break his neck, but hoped he ended up like Darryl Stingley, who’s life was cut short by a  severe spinal injury that he suffered while playing football:

The Vikings travel to Green Bay to face Rodgers and the Packers in Week 16.

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