Jerry Jones Says The NFL Needs More People Like Jerry Richardson

In the wake of an investigation into workplace misconduct that included sexual harassment and racism towards employees against owner Jerry Richardson, the Panthers owner decided to put the franchise up for sale.

And despite all that, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones still thinks Richardson was “one of the outstanding men of football”, adding that it’s “sad day” to see him sell the team.

Jones added onto his praise of Richardson:


“I’m very sad,” Jones said after the Cowboys’ win at the Oakland Raiders. “Jerry is one of the really, really, really outstanding men of football that I’ve ever met, and I really admire him. I know that he made it the old-fashioned way. He worked for it. He took what he made in a short time in pro football and turned it into a great business and then used that to get the Carolina franchise. So he’s a great story.”

Here’s the video, via ESPN:

Jones flat out ignores the claims of the victims with is praise of Jerry Richardson and even added onto his praise of the fallen owner:

“I’m really sad. I want all those kind of men we can have in the National Football League.”

The Carolina Panthers and Jerry Richardson have reportedly had four separate settlements with four female employees over sexual misconduct over the years so for Jerry Jones to praise him, seems a little .. awkward, right?