REPORT: Johnny Manziel Wants In On Buying The Carolina Panthers

With the Carolina Panthers being put up for sale by current owner Jerry Richardson following sexual harassment and racist allegations, numerous celebrity suitors have tossed their name in the hat to join P. Diddy’s prospective ownership group.

The latest? None other than Johnny Manziel.

According to, the former NFL QB wants in on the former rapper and current business man’s group to purchase the team, valued at upwards of $2.3 billion.

The report comes after another controversial, shunned former QB, Colin Kaepernick, tossed his name into the hat, announcing he work like to join the group.

NBA superstar Steph Curry has done the same.

“Johnny has money saved, he’s ready to become a business man, and he thinks being a part of the NFL ownership group would be right up his alley,” according to Hilton’s source.

Manziel is reportedly worth around $9 million, but his parents are said to be loaded and worth upwards of $50 million, if not more.

Perhaps the NFL will welcome Richardson back with open arms following these reports.


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