Maurkice Pouncey Rips James Harrison For Signing With Patriots: “He Erased His Own Legacy”

James Harrison’s decision to sign with the New England Patriots is not sitting well with some current Pittsburgh Steelers players.

One of those players is Steelers center Maurkice Pouncy, who blasted Harrison for his decision and how he went about it.

The Steelers center spoke with reporters following practice and took issue with how Harrison handled the situation, basically making it seem like the organization abruptly made the decision to cut him when it was Harrison who basically forced his way out of Pittsburgh.


Here’s an interesting exchange between Pouncey and reporters:

Pouncey: “I’m pretty sure Deebo will be getting a lot of calls tonight.”

When asked if Harrison became locker room problem: “It ain’t no problem. A guy don’t want to be here, we don’t care. Bye. Have fun.”

More Pouncey: “He erased his own legacy here, let’s be serious… It’s crazy. It blows my mind.”

The Patriots can clinch home field advantage throughout the AFC with a win on Sunday vs Jets, if they somehow lose that game, Pittsburgh could clinch home field with a win over Cleveland.

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