Nick Saban Officially Tallied Over 400 Write In Votes During Alabama Election

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Alabama really loves Nick Saban.

Earlier this month, Democrat Doug Jones victory Republican Roy Moore was a huge moment in Alabama history, as most couldn’t believe Alabama was officially a democrat state.

But one of the more shocking results of the 2017 United States Special Election in Alabama was the amount of write-in votes Tide coach Nick Saban received.

According to USA Today:

“The aggregated, state-wide totals for each recipient of write-in votes were not published, but a tabulation by USA TODAY Sports found Saban with at least 421 votes, not including votes for “Nick Sabin,” “Nick Sabion” or other spellings of his name. (The write-in tallies are quite literal.)

That means Saban ended up with about 2% of the 22,852 write-in votes recorded – but only a fraction of a percentage point of the nearly 1.35 million votes cast overall. Jones ended by beating Moore by 21,924 votes.

Nevertheless, in a number of Alabama’s 67 counties, Saban outpolled, among others, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whose seat was being filled through this election. For example, in Mobile County, Saban got 41 votes and Sessions got 40. In Tuscaloosa County, where the University of Alabama’s main campus is located, Saban got 43 votes to Sessions’ 21.”

In addition to Saban, Auburn coach Gus Mahlzan and Alabama native Charles Barkley received write-in votes as well.


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